Edinburgh Haymarket Station Parking

Latest Edinburgh Haymarket Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Dorset Place, EH11

    Easy enough to find as each parking space is individually marked. Note that there's a bucket on the space with 'Do not park here' to stop others from using. Owner nice and friendly on the phone when i called to confirm I had the right place. Thanks. I would recommend.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Excellent, very easy-to-use service, which we'll certainly use again - removes all the headaches from city centre parking in Edinburgh - thanks !!!

  • Parking on Dorset Place, EH11

    The space was easy to find, as it was numbered on the floor. There was a sign in front saying "no parking here" which threw me off but I didn't have any problems. The space felt secure as it's off-road and in view of the block of flats.

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    So easy to find (on sat nav) good sized car park with large parking spaces. Very helpful staff on reception. Very close to main railway station in city centre.

  • Parking on /9, EH9

    Awesome service!!!!

  • Parking on Brandfield St, EH3

    Excellent location. We can always be sure that the car is safe and sound. Whenever in Edinburgh, we'll definitely consider leaving the car here.

  • Parking on Dublin Street Lane South, EH1

    Really easy to book. The directions were spot on and the space was very easy to find. Would definitely recommend!

  • Parking on a Dublin Street, EH1

    Great info on how to find the parking space and convenient location

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    use this parking during a short stay in Edinburgh for New Year 2018. I was actually staying in the Hilton Carlton just around the corner. We found the car park relatively easily using the post code provided but the entrance was a little tucked away. The car park itself is great. No tight corners and spaces that are wide enough for most cars. Exit via the hotel was simple and hotel staff knew what they were doing as well. All considered a great experience

  • Parking on The Royal Mile, EH1

    Its a relatively quick and easy process to make a booking - tell it where you want to park, it gives you a map with price tickets on each location. then just click on the one you want and fill in your details, done in under 5 mins. very simple and easy.