Citroen Ami Cargo gets UK green light

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27th October 2021

The electric quadricycle is now available in a single-seat van version

Citroen's Ami Cargo has now been confirmed for official UK sale, with the compact electric vehicle following on from its passenger car counterpart in attracting enough interest from buyers.

The left-hand drive only Ami was only going to come to the UK through official channels if there were eniugh expressions of interest made to Citroen. The passenger car quickly by-passed the requirements, and the Ami Cargo has followed suit.

Designed for urban driving, the Ami Cargo only has a range of up to 46 miles on a charge, thanks to a compact 5.5 kWh battery. However, for city centre deliveries or companies shuttling items round fixed estates, the Ami Cargo would have more than enough range to suit.

With a payload of up to 140 kg and a maximium load capacity of 400 litres, Citroen has done away with the second seat from the Ami and dedicated ot to carrying space. Combined with a vehicle just 2.4m long and 1.4m wide, and a turning circle of only 7.2m, and the Ami Cargo is ideally suited to city driving and parking.

Joining a considerable electric LCV range, the Ami Cargo is certainly the smallest van available from Citroen, and could in fact be delivered within its largest electric van, the e-Relay.

Delivery dates, pricing, and specifications will be announced closer to launch.


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