Introducing: FlexiPass

We understand that plans can change at a moment's notice. That's why we're thrilled to present FlexiPass - the ultimate parking freedom, giving you the power to modify or cancel your booking right up until it starts!

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When you book any hourly or daily space, simply add FlexiPass at checkout, from as little as 50p*. Safe in the knowledge you can now change or cancel your booking if the need arises.


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Terms and Conditions:

*When pre-booking a space you will have the option to purchase a ‘FlexiPass’ product add-on. If purchased this entitles you to cancel a booking at any point before the booking start time and receive a 100% refund on the cost of the space (excluding the cost of ‘FlexiPass’ itself).

*The price of FlexiPass starts from 50p and varies depending on the total booking price.