Mercedes-Benz reveals Vision EQXX

Ultra-efficient electric saloon concept can cover more than 600 miles on a charge

Mercedes-Benz has claimed that it's set new efficiency benchmarks with its Vision EQXX concept, with the sleek, all-electric saloon capable of achieving a "real-world range of more than 620 miles" on a single charge.

The latest in a range of electric concepts, the Vision EQXX has been desinged to challenge a number of ideas about EVs. 

A working prototyp, the Vision EQXX uses Mercedes-Benz's next-generation electric powertrain, and battery technology that will appear in the next few years.

The remarkable range isn't achieved by simply packing in a huge battery, as it would add significant weight to the car. Instead, Mercedes-Benz has worked on the efficiency of components to acheve the headline figure.

Details are relatively light, but the battery capacity is quoted at less than 100 kWh (usable), and energy consomption is greater than 6 miles/kWh.

Power output is around 150 kW, and there will of course be ultra-rapid charging to make long-distance EV driving simple.

Using lessons learnt from the Mercedes Formula 1 team, battery energy density ahas been improved, with the near 100 kWh pack taking up 50% less space and 30% lighter than that found in the EQS saloon.

Sustainable materials have been used throughout, and a very slippery, aerodynamic shape surrounds the four-seater saloon.