Order books open for Peugeot e-Rifter

New electric MPV available from just over £30,000

Peugeot has launched its e-Rifter, with orders now being taken for the all-electric compact MPV. Powered by a 50 kWh battery, the e-Rifter is capable of reaching up to 172 miles on a charge, and is available in two trim levels.

The Peugeot e-Rifter can be bought in either Allure or GT levels, both of which are five seaters. There is the option for a long-wheelbase Allure Premium model too, with all versions coming in below the £35,000 UK Plug-in Car Grant threshold.

Sittingon the same platform and featuring an identical powertrain to much of the Stellantis electric car line-up, the e-Rifter's set-up is familiar to many who follow EV news.

The 50 kWh battery powers a 100 kW electric motor, with three driving modes determining the power available. Eco restricts output to 60 kW, Normal provides 80 kW, whilst Power allows for the full 100 kW. In the latter setting, 260 Nm of torque is available, aiding a 0-62ph time of 11.2 seconds.

Two braking modes - Moderate and Increased - allow for tailored brake energy recuperation levels. The Increased setting is accessed via a B button on the dashboard and gives greater levels of braking strenghth when lifitng off the throttle.

Charging is carried out at up to either 7.4 kw AC or 100 kW DC, using the CCS inlet. A three-phase 11 kW AC on-board charger is available as an option for those with regular acess to higher-powered AC units.

Coming with a free six-month subscrption to the BP Pulse network, plus a practical and spacious interior. Prices start at £30,365 for the e-Rifter Allure, £32,455 for the GT variant, and £32,375 for the Allure Premium seven-seater.