Parking: Preparing For The Dawn Of The Driverless Car

Driverless cars are no longer the domain of science fiction movies. Autonomous car technology is receiving heavy investment and is already being developed by companies such as Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes.


Although your current car is not driving itself around just yet, it's likely that your vehicle does have some level of autonomy. For example, the sensors that help guide your rear parking mean that your car is already on the road to autonomous parking.

When autonomous vehicles take to the road, the cars will be parking themselves

Safer roads, safer driving

Creating safer, stress-free roads is the ultimate goal with driverless technology. It is estimated that up to 94% of road accidents are due to human error so it’s predicted that driverless vehicles can significantly reduce traffic accidents. Although fully driverless cars are still at an advanced testing stage, autonomous vehicles are likely to be on our roads in the near future. This means that it will be essential for car park operators to work with technology providers. YourParkingSpace is here to be your partner on this journey towards operating a ‘connected’ car park for convenient, problem-free transport.

YourParkingSpace already connects drivers to parking spaces in thousands of locations every day. With over 250,000 registered drivers and 45,000 parking locations across the UK, YourParkingSpace is at the forefront of parking services. Exciting plans are ready to be launched in the very near future to expand our focus, targeting shared mobility and on-demand services. The business of parking driverless cars will need a solution and that’s where YourParkingSpace comes in.

Saving time, fuel and the environment

When autonomous vehicles take to the road, the cars will be parking themselves. This probably sounds like an excellent idea to those of us who have ever driven around struggling to find a space. A recent study showed that, on average, drivers spend around 17 hours each year simply searching for parking spaces. This has a significant cost in terms of wasted time and fuel, not to mention the impact on the environment from the unnecessary emissions.

When we think of the potential convenience of driverless vehicles, one of the attractions is not having to think about where to park. You could simply order a car to pick you up and drop you off at your location. It would then be able to drive off to pick up another customer. There is no wasted time and no unnecessary emissions. Driverless cars could cut congestion, meaning there is less pollution which is better for public health and the environment.

If the car does not require a driver, then it can spend the day travelling around, taking one passenger to their destination and then immediately setting off to collect the next customer. An additional advantage for commuters is the opportunity to work whilst being driven. This opens up the freedom of living further away from the office, without sacrificing valuable working time.

This is the beauty of autonomous car sharing fleets. It is predicted that by 2030 shared vehicles will be more numerous than personally owned vehicles in urban areas. Fleets of driverless cars will be owned by companies and available to hire on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is similar to how ridesharing services like Uber are already operating.

Where will driverless cars be parking?

As these fleets grow, increasingly complex parking needs will develop. However, what happens during times when demand is low, and the cars are not needed? At these times, the cars will need somewhere to park. Nobody wants empty vehicles driving aimlessly around their local area. The vehicles will also need somewhere to park while being maintained or repaired.

YourParkingSpace aims to be the go-to service for car sharing and vehicle fleets. Our wide network of parking spaces across numerous locations means that we can ensure that there is ready access to the required number of parking spaces available every day. YourParkingSpace takes care of all aspects of parking, from managing customer relationships to ensuring that proper signage is provided to help car-sharing customers find the vehicles. We will also offer flexible plans to take into account seasonal demands that often impact on businesses.

Using our new service, drivers will be able to secure parking spaces in areas that are in high demand across multiple locations and simply pay per use across multiple parking facilities. All of this will be included on one single invoice to keep payments streamlined and simple.

YourParkingSpace already provides an accessible online platform for drivers to book and pay for parking spaces in advance. This can easily be done from the comfort of your own home or office before you even sit down in the car. Alternatively, it can be done on the move using our innovative app.

A huge leap in technology

In the future, humans could be left out of this equation altogether. Autonomous cars could connect with the car park directly, via YourParkingSpace, to reserve and pay for the parking space. Algorithms will be used to ensure that the space matches the requirements needed by the customer, consider where the cheapest convenient parking is likely to be found, and even take traffic into account.

Car parks need to become connected in order to take part in this revolutionary step. It is essential that they are visible online to tap into this source of revenue. Registering with YourParkingSpace is a quick and easy way to take a first step towards this. We will then continue to be your partner as you venture further into the word of car parking connectedness.

Whilst you’re thinking about preparing for the dawn of the driverless car, why not check out our blog ‘A look at the future of parking’ for further ideas about how YourParkingSpace can help you get ready for the future. In the meantime, you can always ensure that your parking needs are met by booking with YourParkingSpace. By booking in advance you can be sure that a convenient and affordable space is waiting for you when you arrive. There is no need for wasted time and energy looking for a location to leave your car. You can simply drive straight into your spot and get on with your day.