The Top European Destinations Where You Should Drive This Summer

21st June 2018

Are you ready for the holidays? Why not go for a drive in one of the thousands of fantastic destinations Europe has to offer? The team at YourParkingSpace asked a panel of top travel experts where they spend their holidays on the Old Continent. Whether it's in France, Ireland, Italy, Spain or Slovenia, there are so many things to see and do in Europe that you'd need a lifetime to discover everything. Are you ready to pack your bags and put on your seatbelt for an unforgettable road trip? Let's go! (and don't forget your sunscreen).


#1 Go for a road trip in gorgeous Italy


Being Italian, I was lucky enough to have the time to discover my country in depth on more than one road trip, sometimes short ones and other times I spent two or more weeks on the road. Why is Italy the perfect place for a road trip in my books? Quite easy really! Try to rent a car and drive (in any direction) from one of the main cities like Rome, Milan or Florence and I can assure you that you'll find at least 10 lovely villages to explore on the way. Italy is so full of marvelous places to discover, jaw-dropping landscapes and views, the road system is (for the most part) quite good and the main cities are well connected giving you plenty of choices to drive around, being it via the main roads or by using the "countryside" roads for more scenic views. The choices for a road trip in Italy are endless!

- Clelia Mattana,



 #2 Day Trips Out Of Stuttgart In Germany


I just love doing day trips out of Stuttgart in Germany, which is located in the southern part of the country. Stuttgart is whimsical, charming, and even a little bit magical. it is also perfect for all seasons - in the summer, it is all lush and green, whereas in the winter, it's a perfect winter wonderland. You’ve got way more sunshine than other parts of Germany, some of the best cuisine, waterfalls, dreamy castles, and so much history. The beat part of it all for me is the smaller crowds! I highly recommend basing yourself in Stuttgart, rent a car and explore the surrounding area and head to the Black Forest, check out Hohenzollern castle, and head to the Bad Urach waterfall. 

- Kristin,



 #3 You Should Drive Around Lovely Slovenia

On the Luce

With a mix of historical towns, clear lakes, beach resorts, mountains peaks and dense forests, a road trip through Slovenia has bit of everything. The country is great for driving – the roads are well maintained and never get too busy, car hire is inexpensive, and the county's small size means your driving days aren't too long – and there's plenty of stunning scenery along the way. Within a week you can explore the historic capital of Ljubljana, swim in the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea at Piran, catch the sunset at lakes Bled and Bohinj, and hike or ski in the Julian Alps. Slovenia is one of Europe's undiscovered gems with delicious food and it's own wine regions – so get in there quickly before everyone discovers it!

- Lucy Dodsworth,

slovenia bled 

#4 The Frozen Beauty Of Iceland

lauren cody

One of our favourite destinations in Europe which is perfect for driving in is Iceland. The roads are well built and very quiet so it's perfect even for newbie drivers (provided you go in the summer). Iceland is so beautiful you will want to stop the car to take photos every three minutes - a flexibility you just won't find on a bus or a guided tour. Seriously, Iceland is like no other place on the planet, you'll want to make the most of it!

- Laura and Tanbay,



#5 Go On A Sightseeing Tour Of The South Of France

annette white

The South of France is known for is sprawling vineyards, delectable food and charming towns. And the best way to experience it all is by driving! Having a car during your travels gives you the freedom to explore not only the large touristy areas, but also the nooks and crannies of a destination. During my trip it allowed me to drive through a gorgeous tunnel of trees (multiple times), stop at a tiny brasserie where only the locals go and taste a wineries that the tour buses do not go.

- Annette White,

south of france

#6 Drive Along The Coast Of Malaga


My favourite travel destination is Malaga, the city where I have been living for the last 9 years, although I initially came only for a year. Granted it is quite a drive from my hometown in the Netherlands, which is approximately 2500 kilometres, but still doable if you take your time, make it a road trip and enjoy the scenery and cities on your way. Malaga is a coastal city with an average of 300 days a year sunshine, a historic city centre, lots of restaurants and terraces, a really cool harbour, it is for Western European standards still relatively cheap and within a two hours drive you can go skiing in the Sierra Nevada for five months of the year. In short, Malaga has it all.

- Stefania van Lieshout,



#7 Don't Miss Andalusia in Southern Spain!

nomadic boys

One of our favourite places in Europe to drive is in Andalusia in south Spain. We came here a few years ago and did a big road trip from Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Grazalema and Cadiz. It’s absolutely stunning. As well as having some of the best beaches, it has beautiful mountain scenery to hike in and of course world class monuments to explore like the Alhambra of Granada and the Grand Mosque of Córdoba. Another highlight is the huge array of delicious foods like gazpacho, jamon and paellas.

- Stefan and Sebastien,



#8 Puglia In Southern Italy is a must see


Puglia in southern Italy is one of our favorite areas in Europe for a road trip. It's a region filled with natural beauty like the coastal towns along the Adriatic Sea such as Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, as well the rolling Istrian countryside filled with trulli, traditional Puglian stone huts. A road trip allows you to hop between cities like Lecce with its 2nd century Roman amphitheater and Martina Franca with its Baroque and Rococo architecture. Not to mention, eating your way through Puglia is a dream with its unique southern Italian cuisine filled with fava bean sauces, fresh seafood, home-made orecchiette pasta and more. Be sure to stop by a weekly market or two during your road trip through Puglia.

- Audrey Scott,



#9 The Wild Atlantic Way In Ireland Is Absolutely Fantastic!

 Headshot Joe 200x200I would definitely recommend the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland as one of the best driving holidays in Europe. There are towering cliffs, winding mountain roads, spellbinding beaches, and unrivaled natural beauty along the Irish coast of the powerful Atlantic Ocean. I drove the route with my wife in April this year and it was one of the best drives we have ever done!

- Joe Saw,



#10 Montenegro and Portugal: Two Absolute Jewels

clemens sehi

Two suggestions for great road trip countries that I did myself:
Montenegro: full of surprises and still an unknown jewel on the Mediterranean Coast. The low prices make sure that it's the perfect European country for a road trip. Expect picture-perfect highlands, beautiful bays overlooking the royal blue Adriatic Sea as well as antique Venetian villages and UNESCO walled cities. 
Portugal: the best way to explore Portugal‘s highlights is by car, and while driving, each wrong turn can take you to another beautiful town or village that you would have never expected. The country has good motorways. The best idea is to go from Porto in the north all the way down to Lisboa or Faro in the south. While the coast is popular with surfers, don’t miss the country side. There are all types of accommodation, from basic bed and breakfasts to five-star hotels and campgrounds.

- Clemens Sehi,



#11 Another vote for the South of France!

jen ruiz

The South of France is a gorgeous place for a European road trip. Driving allows you the freedom to stop and smell the flowers, literally. In the summer months, you'll find an abundance of lavender and sunflower fields, the majority of which are open for you to pull over and explore. A scenic route could start in Avignon, head to the Senanque Abbey in Gordes, get a dose of adventure in the mountainous region of Castellane and end with macarons and seaside views in Nice. 

- Jen Ruiz,

south of france provence


#12 And another one for Slovenia. A very popular destination too!


If you're looking for a memorable place to drive to in Europe, one not-to-miss natural attraction is Slovenia's Lake Bled. It's an easy drive from the country's capital of Ljubljana, and once you arrive you'll be greeted by a gorgeous Romanesque tower-adorned medieval castle overlooking a peaceful lake where you can kayak or boat out to a small island. I recommend renting bikes and cycling around the lake, stopping to hike up to the 2,480-foot high viewpoint at Velika Osojnica, providing aerial views of the lake, Karavanke mountains and Kamnik Alps. Now, since you have your car (or your bike), it's also recommended to save time to take a scenic countryside-filled drive to nearby Vintgar Gorge, located within Triglav National Park, for some easy but incredibly beautiful hiking. If you love nature, this will be a day you'll never forget!

- Jessie Festa,



#13 You'll love driving around the Costa Brava in Catalonia!


Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain is a great spot to drive because it has unique winding roads that go through a teal-colored Mediterranean landscape that overlooks the sea and the pine-filled woodland. It is a romantic driveaway, that goes through beautiful old towns such as Calella de Palafrugell, Begur and the famous Cadaques where Salvador Dali used to live.  
Along the coast, there are fantastic coves with crystal clear waters and top-notch restaurants where you can enjoy the best of Mediterranean gastronomy. The area is as well a prominent wine region in Spain, so you´ll certainly enjoy a good pairing to the tapas served along the way.

- Andre,



#14 Driving around Croatia is a dream come true

miriam 2

Croatia is one of my favorite places in Europe. Why? It's so quaint and magical, not to mention cheap. It's the perfect place for a road trip. From lakes, amazing beaches, waterfalls and some of the world's greatest food & wine - Croatia pretty much has it all. 

- Miriam,



#15 You should drive to Trieste right now!


I would plan a road trip around the North East of Italy, that stretches between Venice and Trieste. This is a lesser-visited corner of Italy, offering not only a beautiful landscape but also a myriad of things to do and see. Within a few hours drive you can go from the beach and colourful small coastal townships, through flat land and lush green foot hills, like the Prosecco Hills to the amazing Dolomites, a Unesco Heritage site and one of the best places for hiking in Europe. Truly a picturesque yet uncovered land definitely worth adding to your trip itinerary in Europe.

- Michela,



#16 Where else but Tuscany?

Eleonora Cordella The Roman Guy

Who doesn't want to spend a perfect day in the Tuscany countryside? Nothing screams "summertime" more than a chill road trip under the tuscan sun! It's so easy to plan day trips from multiple locations around Italy, especially Florence. In just a few hours of driving, you'll be taken back to the Middle Ages in the medieval hill towns of the Val di Chiana and Val D'Orcia. You can head to Pisa and opt for the most traditional sights, like The Leaning Tower, then enjoy a scenic ride to Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and admire the rural landscape from the top of the Vinci tower. And of course, enjoy a typical tuscan lunch, savoring its flavors and traditions! Don't fancy navigating the foreign roads yourself? Get a private driver to pick you up and chauffeur you in a climate controlled luxury vehicle as part of a Pisa day trip from Florence.

- Eleonora Cordella,

vinci air view 2


#17 The Coast of North-East England

anne-marieThere’s something quite special about driving along the Northumberland seashore. Pink sandstone castles, rocky outcrops teeming with pretty billed Puffins, smoked kipper breakfasts and long stretches of sandy beaches. If you watch the tide you can drive out to monastic Lindisfarne, a historically significant religious refuge. In winter you can even hit upon the rainbow glow of the Northern Lights over the ocean. The traffic is light and there are plenty of cute fishing villages to stop over in, just don’t forget to sample the catch of the day!

- Anne-Marie Soulsby,

north east england


#18 Driving from Tromso to the Lofoten islands in Norway is just amazing!


Driving from Tromso to the Lofoten islands in Norway will leave you speechless. Once we got our rental car in Tromso, we started to enjoy Norway’s diverse landscape with its majestic fjords, beautiful lakes and misty mountains. Luckily, wild camping is allowed in Norway, so we just slept in our rental car. We just randomly stopped, cooked lunch on a gas cooker, had a coffee and then continued our way to the Lofoten. The highlight is Reine – this cute little fishing village, perfectly situated!

I won’t forget the moment when we were laying in the hammock on a lake shore while soaking up a romantic sunset.

- Sonja Hladnik,




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