Top 10 EVs eligible for the Plug-in Car Grant

Electric cars can prove expensive to buy initially, even if they don’t cost much to run. But there is some help from the UK Government, with its Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG).


This reduces the OTR price of a new electric car by up to £1,500, providing it meets certain range criteria and costs less than £32,000 RRP. We highlight the best electric cars eligible for the PiCG.


Citroen e-SpaceTourer

The most practical electric cars on the road currently come from Citroen with the e-SpaceTourer, and its group stablemates from Vauxhall and Peugeot. The van-based MPVs are available as electric models, with seating for anything between five and nine depending on model and specification.

A range of more than 140 miles is possible from the range, and ultra-rapid charging is fitted to cut down waiting times.


Fiat 500

Fiat only offers its 500 as a pure-electric car, and it suits the famous city car’s character down to the ground. Nimble, responsive, nippy, and fun to drive, the little Fiat 500 is perfectly suited to town driving.

It’s offered either in conventional three-or hatchback to convertible form, and comes with a choice of two battery sizes to suit different budgets. The larger pack will provide drivers with around 200 miles on a charge.


Hyundai Kona Electric

Hyundai’s Kona Electric has a choice of two battery sizes, and unfortunately the long range version costs more than the PiCG threshold. However, the 39 kWh battery model is available on this list, and the compact electric crossover still offers a range of 190 miles on a charge.

With a recent facelift inside and out, sharper styling and improved equipment are offered to buyers, with what is a very efficient small EV.


Mazda MX-30

Mazda’s MX-30 is not an EV that has a range to shout about, but it’s part of the Japanese firm’s “rightsizing” approach. The range of 124 miles on a charge is not huge, but it’s comfortably enough for most daily needs. Plus a smaller battery means charging doesn’t take as long, and efficiency is improved with a lighter battery.

As such, it’s possible to easily match or surpass the official range, which can’t be said of may of Mazda’s rivals.



MG is very good at offering value for money, but this is especially true of the firm’s electric models. The MG5 EV is one of the best value cars on the market today, with a range of 250+ miles on a charge.

It’s a practical, spacious estate too, with fast charging times and a good range. Combine these factors with a low price and a surprisingly good driving experience, and the MG estate is an extremely sensible choice for anyone looking to go electric.


Mini Electric

Iconic runabouts like the Fiat 500 above and the Mini are perfectly suited to being electric. They don’t tend to travel long distances anyway, are often around recharging points, and are small, light, and agile cars the benefit - rather than are hindered by - the switch to electric.

The Mini Electric has all the excellent attributes of the conventional Mini, but with improved responses - just about perfect, even with a range of “only” 145 miles (more than enough for most drivers).


Peugeot e-208

With plenty of choice from the Stellantis Group - Citroen, DS, Fiat, Peugeot, Vauxhall et al - it’s a real sign that the manufacturers have been working hard on electric models. The Peugeot e-208 makes it on to this list as one of the more interesting approaches to the supermini class, but it retains the same 50 kWh battery and 100 kW motor set-up as most other group EVs. 

Here, it allows for a range of approaching 200 miles on a charge, with ultra-rapid recharging possible via the CCS set-up.


Peugeot e-Rifter

Peugeot’s e-Rifter shares much with the Citroen e-Berlingo and Vauxhall Combo-e Life, and these mid-sized MPVs offer seating for up to seven, and definitely up to five full-sized seats for an all-electric people carrier.

A range of more than 170 miles is possible, with a 50 kWh battery and 100 kW electric motor. The e-Rifter is one of the most practical ways to get into EV ownership.


Renault Zoe

Renault consistently offers one of the best value EVs on the market, and this second-generation version is no different. With a larger battery and choice of two motors - one more powerful than before - the Zoe is an impressive little EV with a range of almost 250 miles on a charge.

Charging is faster than before thanks to a DC rapid option, and a much improved interior means the Zoe is not just a good EV, but a good supermini full stop.


Volkswagen ID.3

What is effectively the electric version of VW’s Golf may not be expected to be seen on this list. But of you pick the entry-level model, the premium electric hatchback qualifies for the PiCG.

That model is the ID.3 Pure Performance Life, which uses a 45 kWh battery and 150 kW electric motor for power. Driving range comes in at more than 200 miles still.