Volvo reveals C40 Recharge

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5th March 2021

The coupe-SUV was launched at the same time as announcements committing Volvo to a purely-electric line-up by 2030.

Volvo has launched the C40 Recharge, a coupe-SUV based on the XC40 Recharge electric SUV. The pure-electric C40 Recharge is represents the next step in a process to electrify every model in Volvo's portfolio.

The Swedish manufacturer has revealed that by 2025, it is aiming for 50% of global sales to be ade up of pure-electric vehicles, and the rest wil be hybrids in one form or another. Further down the line are plans for every car it sells from 2030 onwards to be pure-electric.

Having already launched the XC40 Recharge, the next EV to come allong will be the C40 Recharge. Based on the XC40, the C40 is a coupe-SUV, offering buyers a sleeker model than the XC40, but built on the same platform and with the same powertrain.

That means that buyers will get a 78 kWh battery, good for a range of up to 261 miles on a charge. Recharging will take around 40 minutes for an 80% top-up on a 150 kW ultra-rapid charger.

The C40 is expected to see its range increase over time as unlimited data and over-the-air software updates will see the car improve after it's left the factory - and without requiring dealership support. Volvo has announced that the C40 will only be available to buy online, though dealerships will remain for customer-facing requirements.

Powered by twin electric motors - one on each axle - the C40 Recharge will cover the 0-62mph time in 4.9 seconds, and is 100% leather free. It also includes an infotainment system built on a Google platform, for increased use of apps, updates etc.

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