Luton Airport Parking

Latest Luton Airport parking reviews
  • Parking on Ibis Budget Hotel, LU2

    15 min walk to the airport.

  • Parking on Percival Way, LU2

    Im realy happy !!

  • Parking on Ibis Budget Hotel, LU2

    Easy parking and not a long walk to the airport either. Very useful.

  • Parking on Chertsey Close, LU2

    Absolutely 5 star service, thank you

  • Parking on Ibis Budget Hotel, LU2

    Why does anyone park any other way ? Quick, simple, cheap. I had to walk for 10 minutes to get to the airport but then my colleague who used the 'mid term' car park wasn't much closer and she paid £27. You could probably even blag a ride on the airport bus service but I don't know if that is free. Knowing Luton Airport's money grabbing tendencies - probably not. I had to change the car I was using at the last minute and that was a bit of a concern as the website seemed to say that I would get a confirmation after the weekend - which was too late. However the staff at the Ibis were friendly and helpful, accepted the original confirmation on my phone, and it wasn't a problem.

  • Parking on Summers Road, LU2

    Good location, reasonable price.

  • Parking on Ibis Budget Hotel, LU2

    The parking space was good and convenient for the airport. Service very good. Will definitely recommend.

  • Parking on Ibis Budget Hotel, LU2

    Good parking space my only concern was if my plane was delayed and I overstayed would I be fined the hotel staff could not tell me I would recommend this at Luton did not take long to walk to terminal