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  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    The location was quiet and very convenient for the station. The owner was easy to deal with and most pleasant so from that perspective all was well. Unfortunately the parking spot was really quite tight so I had to let my wife out the car before manoeuvring into the spot. That was also ok . The problem is that I picked my car up after my trip to London and drove off , then stopped for fuel 30 minutes later and noticed 2 deep scratches in my car door which appeared to be the result of another vehicle scratching against my car ....I strongly suspect this is a result of the incredibly tight parking spot .

  • Parking on Bishops Gate, OX2

    its ok. needs to be clearer to go to the right of the red building.

  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    Highly recommended. The parking space is very central and easy to find. It's near the Said Business School and the Station. The space now has "VP" written on it so the photo and instructions for parking should be updated as they say park in the non VP space. Unless of course the photo has been uploaded back to front and we parked in someone else's space! Very easy to book and very good value.

  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    Easy parking experience. The car felt safe and it was a short walk into the centre Thank you

  • Parking on Shirelake Close, OX1

    Very easy to find and convenient for city centre

  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    Really easy to book and much cheaper than using a public car park, 2nd time have used.

  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    Close to station, easy to find thanks to photos and directions.

  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    Easy to find and ideal location for the City centre. Would definitely use again.

  • Parking on Great Mead, OX1

    Parking perfect for station-left for 2 nights. Only down side is photo - I'd initially presumed this was the parking bay as car in, although the description said bay without markings. In a rush I almost left in wrong bay- had rang number to confirm but no reply. Perhaps on photo put park here 'X' or say space next to accommodation! As photo could confuse situation! Hard to see markings when in car!