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Latest Stapleford parking reviews
  • Parking on Chelveston Crescent, SO16

    Really easy to find this space and only a 10 minute walk from both Southampton Hospitals where there is never any parking! Perfect. Will likely use this space again many times!

  • Parking on Prospect Place, SO53

    Kate (space owner) contacted me the morning that I was due to use her space. She thanked me for my booking and invited me to use her car key deposit facility. I replied and she wished me a safe journey. I found the parking space to easily accessible with plenty of room. I picked my car fine with no problems.

  • Parking on , Jessamine Rd, SO16

    very easy to find space, owner was very helpful. But had problems in parking in designated space on number of occasions when other persons were using the space. When I raised an issue owner tried their best to address it but no resolution. Also one of the neighbours made passing comment about careful about parking here otherwise you will get a scratch. And I did get a small scratch. I will stay away from this parking although owner very good but this is not a welcoming neighbourhood.

  • Parking on , 206 Tremona Rd, SO16

    Excellent parking space. Easy to find with the clear directions that are given on the booking confirmation etc. Excellent location for the hospital and great value for money if planning on being at the hospital for over six hours. Place is secure and in a quiet area. Easy to contact person to give registration number (as requested). Would use again if planning on being at the for a long period of time

  • Parking on Jex Blake Close, SO16

    This was a good option and near the main hospital site.

  • Parking on The Hollies, SO16

    Excellent position

  • Parking on The Hollies, SO16

    Excellent spot to park.

  • Parking on Jex Blake Close, SO16

    Have found this site very easy to use. The drive I use is good but only for a smaller car. Availability is good too. I recommend your parking space constantly to friends and work colleagues. You have made life easier for the regular commuter. Thank you.

  • Parking on Dale Valley Road, SO16

    Really straightforward - easy to use, have booked again as have regular hospital appointments. Glad I found it.