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  • Parking on Pembroke House, SW19

    Easy to find. Secure and just a short walk to St George’s hospital.

    John redfern
  • Parking on Shelley Way, SW19

    Great space, close and easy walking distance to St George’s. Good instructions on the email for which space it was too as the markings on the road are slightly faded, but no issues parking following instructions. Ideal for smalle/medium cars, thanks!

  • Parking on Autumn Close, SW19

    Very nice spacious parking and the owner is also well behaved and helpful.

  • Parking on Shelley Way, SW19

    Seems to be a good and secure area to leave the car and it is really close to St George's hospital. Just bear in mind that their are steps to go over the railway which might be a problem for some people. Also the space for the car is not big, I have a small Ford Fusion so it will park anyway, but if you have a big car fitting into this space might be a problem.

  • Parking on Kiln Mews, SW17

    Excellent spot if visiting St. George’s hospitl

  • Parking on Kiln Mews, SW17

    Easy to find, clean and accessible. Did not feel the need to speak to the owner. It’s an ideal location for visitors to St. George’s Hospital.

  • Parking on Holiday Inn Express, SW19

    I was looking at houses near Tooting Broadway/Colliers Wood and wanted a secure parking spot as I'm a bit precious about my car. This was ideally positioned and clearly sign posted. You pass by the outside car park and press a button from your car to be admitted to a "gated" carpark under the hotel. Its worth noting that the bays were much wider than in, say, a supermarket car park, which was much appreciated. Though I read the special anti-covid instructions It wasn't clear how I was supposed to get out of the building but there were plenty of staff around and I was politely directed to where the exit was. On my return to collect you press the same button as if you were in a car so that they can raise the metal garage roller door. To get out, you simply drive your car back to the same exit and on the right hand side, level with the driver's window , there's what looks like a payment machine. Attached to it is a small pot of token coins. You take one out and pop it in the "payment" slot. That's it, the door opens. Aside from my confusion (hopefully not yours) , you have to turn left on exit. That's a pain if you need to turn back South, as the road is really busy and you have to go up some way before a left or preferably right side road appears so you can turn around and head back the way you came (If you arrived out of London you would have had the fun and games on the way in!). Anyway it all worked, car safe, and not too expensive.

  • Parking on Henry Doulton Drive, SW17

    Safe location and helpful owner. I felt confident leaving my car unattended there for a few weeks at a time.

  • Parking on Burntwood Close, SW18

    I found the space easy to locate, it was in a quiet residential cul de sac, a very accessible substantial space. I felt happy to leave my car there and would recommend the space to others