Celtic Park Parking

Latest Celtic Park parking reviews
  • Parking on DoubleTree Hilton, G2

    Brilliant parking very easy, wish a student discount or returning discount was on offer

  • Parking on Belvidere Gate, G31

    Ideal for Celtic Park ; about 5 mins. walk, would definitely use again.

  • Parking on Kingswood Drive, G44

    Rolled up and parked no issues, less than 5 min walk to Hampden, no issues getting out. Would recommend

  • Parking on Hallmark Hotel, G3

    Very good location, and definitely secure. Would happily use again.

  • Parking on Hallmark Hotel, G3

    Great and easy service, kept using it.

  • Parking on Hallmark Hotel, G3

    Such an easy website. I am currently in Glasgow with work and I arrived on my own. The apartment I am in doesn't offer parking so it was quite stressful not knowing where I can park. I googled parking close to me and this website appeared and it was so easy. It showed me all the parking close to me I chose the easiest one. Although it seems expensive it is a lot cheaper than parking each day. Everybody I have spoken to on the phone from the team have always been so polite and friendly. The website was sometimes a little slow so I would always call. It's much easier anyway.

  • Parking on Taleem Trust, G42

    We used the parking space to park near Hampden for a football match. We missed the space on first arrival but gave the owner a phone-call whose number we were giving when booking it. The gentleman answered first time and directed us right to the space. Even got out of his house and went to the roadside to direct me in which was very helpful. Will definitely use again. Great price too