Cambridgeshire is the first county to welcome new on-street parking system from YourParkingSpace

Cambridgeshire has become the first destination to welcome a new on-street parking system, providing motorists with a quick and convenient alternative to paying for parking which can be completed in seconds.

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Working closely with Cambridgeshire County Council, YourParkingSpace’s offering is now available across over 200 traditional on-street parking terminals. The easy-to-use system includes an option to pay via the YourParkingSpace app, as well as via phone call if the motorist does not have a smartphone.

Neither option requires customers to register an account and no convenience fee is applied to the booking, unlike alternative booking apps.


Brannan Coady, CEO, YourParkingSpace, has said: “This latest move is another example of our dedication to improving the overall parking experience for drivers. It is an honour to provide Cambridgeshire with a cashless on-street parking alternative which is easy and simple to use for all motorists.

“We have one of the highest Trustpilot ratings in the industry, with 90% saying they would recommend us, and are the UK’s most favoured parking app according to YouGov*, something we are immensely proud of.”

Looking ahead, Coady also pointed out that YourParkingSpace are exploring other ways that it can offer more to those who frequently book parking in advance: “Over the years we have built a loyal customer base who regularly use our popular pre-booking option.

“In the not-too-distant future, we will also be able to offer a loyalty point based system for those who pre-book a spot on our app, as a way of rewarding loyal customers and further increasing the overall positive customer experience we provide.”


*Source: YouGov May 2023 of 2,186 respondents who were aware of the brands, YourParkingSpace had the highest impression rating