Q&A with Matthew Westley, Client Operations Manager

Meet Matthew Westley, our Client Operations Manager, who has played a key role within our company since our startup days. Matthew's journey shows his hard work and dedication from starting as a Customer Care agent to now leading his own Client Operations team.

Matthew Westley, Client Operations Manager

How did your journey at YourParkingSpace start? 

I began my journey as a Customer Care agent when we were a small startup with just 17 team members, based in our original office in Canary Wharf. Being part of this close-knit team provided me with invaluable opportunities to grow alongside the company and experience its exceptional growth from the early stages.

How has your role evolved since you first joined?

Since joining YourParkingSpace, my role has evolved significantly. Starting as a Customer Care agent, and after a year, transitioning to a PCN Specialist role, where I deepened my understanding of the enforcement process. This experience led to my promotion to Account Manager, overseeing enforcement providers to which we provided pre-book.

While managing large accounts, I noticed that administrative tasks and smaller pre-book locations needed more attention. Seeing this gap, I took the initiative to establish the Client Operations team. This team handles all administrative tasks and is key in enhancing support for our pre-book clients to assist with upselling opportunities. 

Looking back on your five years with us, what achievement are you most proud of?

Reflecting on my time here, I am especially proud of two key accomplishments. Firstly, I had the privilege of being part of the team that successfully launched YourParkingSpace’s first Full Solution car park, a huge milestone that led to the thousands of Full Solution sites we have today.

I'm also particularly proud of identifying the need for a dedicated department within YourParkingSpace and forming the Client Operations team. It's been rewarding to see how this team has become crucial to the company’s success, driving growth, and supporting various departments within the business.

What do you love most about working for YourParkingSpace?

What I love most about working for YourParkingSpace is that no day is the same. There's always a new opportunity for growth and development within the company. I also value my friendships from being part of a company where everyone cares and gives it their best shot.