Leeds Train Station Parking

Latest Leeds Train Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Neville St, LS1

    Very good location for the train station, and really easy to find, just enter Hilton Leeds City into Google navigation. Yes the car park is a little bit tight, but I did see a couple of big 4x4's in there, so it's manageable even in larger vehicles if you're a confident driver and know the width of your car well. Exiting was quick and easy, you just nip up to reception in the lift and show them your confirmation email, and they validate your parking ticket. The staff were really friendly and it took less than a minute.

  • Parking on Crown Street, LS2

    All worked well. It wasnt clear from the website how to get the document I needed to display in the window, so I left a copy of the VAT receipt on the dash with my personal details erased

  • Parking on Whitehall Road E, LS1

    Great value. Easy to find. The ticket for parking appeared automatically (as if my magic!) the second time I tried to approach teh barrier - not sure what happened first time. Parking was fine, though spaces are not clearly marked meaning that some turns were very tight and in places gaps weren't wide enough for a car... but on the whole it worked very well.

  • Parking on Neville St, LS1

    If you're not familiar with Leeds, it's worth looking on Google street view. Very helpful to know in advance that the turns are tight, so that you are prepared for this.

  • Parking on The Light, LS1

    Convenient for LGI. Staff in the office very helpful.

  • Parking on Whitehall Road E, LS1

    Central location, close to hotels, shops and restaurants. We were a bit unsure what to do on arrival (maybe I didn't read the instructions well-enough) It's a number plate recognition system so I expected the ticket to appear automatically, which it didn't at first but after reversing and trying a second time, it appeared. I would use again.

  • Parking on Wellington Street, LS1

    Very good Hassle free

  • Parking on Neville St, LS1

    Close to railway station. Good communication easy to find

  • Parking on Hunslet Road, LS10

    Satnav took me from the motorway in just a few minutes. Very accessible. Lots of empty spaces. Very close to my hotel. Very close to the city centre. Ideal location. Very reasonable price. Top marks!

  • Parking on Wellington Street, LS1

    Easy to find, no faffing around with barriers like at some other places I've booked through the app.