Latest Cambridge Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Granta Place, CB2

    Great parking place. Very convenient to city centre. We had a very good parking experience, with no issues at all. Highly recommended.

  • Parking on Pretoria Road, CB4

    Very convenient

  • Parking on Granta Place, CB2

    Very useful apps . It tells you some area near by to the places that you want to go to park your car. It gives you direction to the parking place which you have booked. Very convenience, efficient and parking price is cheaper than publish rate . Hassle free.

  • Parking on Pretoria Road, CB4

    A good parking space. It was easy to find and there was plenty of room. We picked this space for its good location and we would use this parking place again. The house owner was there to welcome us and told us to phone them if we had any problems. We had no problems.

  • Parking on Silverwood Close, CB1

    This is the first time I have used YourParkingSpace and was pleasantly surprised how easy it all was. The booking process was smooth and finding a space in Cambridge was simple. I had no problems finding this space in a nice quiet street within walking distance of the city centre and on a good bus route. The gentleman who owns the house was extremely friendly and helpful and even offered me a cup of tea! I would recommend this parking spot to anyone who wants a safe, secure space to leave their car in Cambridge. 5 stars to both YourParkingSpace and the parking space I used. I am definitely going to use this service again.

  • Parking on Granta Place, CB2

    Excellent position. Double Tree need to get better organised if they continue to offer this space as they have no system to reserve your parking space. The staff were really helped moving cars around and getting us in but we left a queue of cars waiting for their space. They had a conference on which of course they could have then predicted what car space was needed. There is building work going on at the moment which has probably added to the pressure on space. But please respond to bookings by reserving spaces. Your poor staff were having to deal with an impossible situation

  • Parking on Babraham Road, CB2

    Perfect for visiting the hospital where I can't park due to the top box on my car.