Haywards Heath Station Parking

Latest Haywards Heath Station parking reviews
  • Parking at Premier Inn Haywards Heath, RH16

    We found a space with no problem at all. Because of limited spaces this might of proved a problem at busy times. The spaces were a little tight for our big car but we were able to manoeuvre in and out of the space with care. The setting up of the parking payment was relatively straight forward providing you had your phone set up with a scanning facility. We received a text and email to confirm we had successfully registered our car. Payment at the end of the stay was self explanatory if you followed the instructions. We had a problem with confirming our PIN number but managed successfully after a couple of attempts. The confusing aspect was whether ‘c’ stood for cancel the transaction or ‘v’ stood for void. Usually after entering your pin you press the green enter button. Again we received confirmation of our payment by text and email almost immediately. Overall a good experience.

  • Parking on Sainsbury's Haywards Heath, RH16

    Excellent parking , close to station, reasonably priced. Would have been good to have a ticket to leave in the car, as there are no references to Horizon parking in the car park and only parking for 2.5 hrs. I printed out the receipt and left it on the dashboard.

  • Parking on Basepoint Haywards Heath, RH16

    I found this space very suitable for working and the staff were friendly and helpful. Having recently closed our offices this is the first time I have utilised Basepoint and would do so again. I visited to work face to face with a colleague and we used a meeting room however, once the staff realised what we needed they showed us a day office suite and we will definitely use this next time. There may have been a gap between our administrator and the info from the site as we were unaware that we needed to pay for parking but this wasn't an issue in our case. We couldn't see any coffee facilities as they were around a corner but once discovered, by the helpful staff, the coffee was great. They had tried to call us to offer refreshments but as we weren't expecting a call we assumed this wasn't for us so missed out there. There were regular food vans visiting the site so we didn't need to travel to get food and the staff were very informative on this issue. The facilities were very clean and in good condition.

    Mobile Kiosk
  • Parking on Bluebell Cl, RH16

    Easy to find, easy to use, good value, contact details readily provided if you need to talk.

  • Parking at Premier Inn Haywards Heath, RH16

    It was a bit of a pain having to down load an app to pay for parking but once downloaded it seemed to work OK, I don't think everyone would be able to or want to do it so I think it should be made more obvious that this is the case on booking at this Premier inn that this is what you have to do to pay for parking. Parking was also very limited so I wonder if we had arrived later if we would have found a space at all.

  • Parking at Premier Inn Haywards Heath, RH16

    Very helpful and easy to use service

  • Parking on Parkside House, RH16

    Thank you to two very accommodating and friendly owners. Perfect for Premier Inn and just a couple minutes walk away. Nice easy access into drive, and definitely a ‘go-to’ on our next visit.

  • Parking at Premier Inn Haywards Heath, RH16

    Parking was easy to find at the back of the hotel. Well signposted. First time I have used this company and it took me a time to get payment set up on my mobile. Once set up it was very quick and easy to use.

  • Parking on Bluebell Cl, RH16

    Great value parking in a convenient location for the town centre

  • Parking on Gordon Close, RH16

    Lovely quiet space really close to the station. Great value for money and easy to find, will use again. Thank you