Tips to find event parking that won’t break the bank

Heading to a much-anticipated music festival or a must-see sports event is an exciting occasion. However, parking can be a headache waiting to happen. Unless you are planning to use public transport to get to your live event, it is essential to figure out where you will be able to park your vehicle when you arrive.


During popular events, the roads nearby can get very busy. Figuring out the parking situation can be confusing, with question marks over where it is okay to leave your car and where will see you landed with a potentially hefty fine.

Parking pass for a specific event

One option is to purchase a parking pass for the event. Most large venues offer some form of parking pass for access to official parking areas. This can relieve the hassle of having to find somewhere to park, but parking passes for events can also add a substantial cost to your ticket. Often these parking passes also need to be purchased separately to the event tickets, so make sure that you have completed a separate order where necessary if you plan to choose this option.

Many football stadiums in the UK offer official parking on site or have parking lots available within a reasonable walking distance. But some grounds do not have any convenient options. Another issue to consider when thinking about booking the official parking for a large match or event, is that being parked close to the stadium inevitably means that there will be disruption from road closures and traffic jams on both arrival and departure. If you want to be away quickly after your event, it may be a better idea to find parking that is slightly further away. Often parking within a short walking distance or bus ride can be more convenient and avoid the stress of being stuck in traffic.

Many of us would prefer to find event parking that won’t break the bank. This is especially important during the cost of living crisis that is currently gripping the country. Having saved your hard-earned cash to purchase an event ticket, you don’t also want to be splashing out on overpriced parking spaces. If you choose to avoid the expense of official parking passes, it is a good idea to think about alternatives in advance.


On-street parking in the area

For those determined to find free event parking, the best bet is probably seeking out on-street parking in the area around the stadium. However, it is important to be aware that on match days and during events, there are often additional parking restrictions in place. Certain times and days of the week may also have different restrictions for different areas. Leaving your vehicle in an area that is not allowed could mean you end up paying out a significant fine, so be sure to check that the tempting on-street parking area you’ve spotted is actually free and available for parking. Looking further afield from the event venue may mean that you are more successful in locating suitable on-street parking, though this would likely mean a walk or bus ride would also be needed to reach your destination.

Park and Ride services

Park and Ride services are available in many cities. These offer a convenient and cost-effective way to access central locations, whilst avoiding traffic snarls and parking stress. If you’re heading to a London venue, you may want to consider catching the tube. Many of the cheapest car parks in London can be found at the tube stations outside of Zone 1. The tube journey into London is generally quick and avoids heavy traffic and delays.

Pre-book a parking space with YourParkingSpace

Another option is to pre-book a parking space owned by a local resident. This is a popular way for those who live close to event venues to earn some extra income and it is a way for visitors to find affordable parking in a convenient location, so it’s a win-win solution. YourParkingSpace offers the opportunity to book parking spaces, driveways, and garages around the country. Over 350,000 parking spaces are available to choose from at reasonable prices either per hour or per day. Pre-booking a parking space means that your parking spot will be waiting for you when you arrive. You can avoid any stressful situations and stroll straight into your event in style, without breaking the bank.


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