Leighton Buzzard Parking

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  • Parking on S Row, MK9

    Really handy and reasonably priced for a daily commuter. There is a bit of an issue with groups of young men turning up every evening and loitering/playing loud music/littering/smoking questionable substances but they’ve yet to disturb our cars...just a little intimidating and I’ve learnt to park closer to the entrance!

  • Parking on S Row, MK9

    I didn't find the parking space straightaway and I had to confirm with Morrison's staff that i parked in the right place. In additon, I ended up taking an earlier train to avoid going by myself in the car park at 11pm as I didn't feel very safe. I have however given 4 stars and I will use it again as very close to the station and safe and sound during the day.

  • Parking on Poynters Road, LU5

    Highly recommend as a parking location if visiting Luton & Dunstable Hospital. About a 1/2 mile walk. At the time I parked there were an adequate number of vacant spaces. No problem finding the location.

  • Parking on Station Way W, HP20

    Very easy to find the space - just at the back of Morrison’s car park. It was just over the road from the station so if you are getting the train I would highly recommend the parking space.

  • Parking on Whalley Drive, MK3

    Thank you

    Stuart James
  • Parking on Station Way W, HP20

    Parking ok butMorrison staff told me that this is not a parking that I can you for more than 2 hours and now I am concerned that I will end up with a parking ticket.

  • Parking on Station Way W, HP20

    I was so pleased to find that you could book to park in morrisons car park as I was catching a train to London. I didn't know this existed. Excellent service and will no doubt be using it again. Very handy and at a reasonable cost. Absolutely would recommend to others. Thank you

  • Parking on Hugh Parke Close, MK5

    Very good. Nice area so feels safe and secure. Shirt walk to MK station - 10 minutes maximum (I’m a slow walker!).

  • Parking on Avebury Boulevard, MK9

    Very easy to find a space and near entrance to Mk intu shopping centre. Good value hassle free.

  • Parking on Seabrook, LU4

    Easy to find, much better and less stressful than trying to find a space to park at L&D for a hospital appointment. Also avoids the traffic on Dunstable Road and jams outside the hospital main entrance. Only five minutes easy stroll/