Spinningfields Parking

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  • Garage on Liverpool Road, M3

    Really pleased with this experience of parking in Manchester. All instructions and directions were clear and the sat nav found the car park with no problem. Contact with the space owner was really helpful. Car left over night, very secure and gave me peace of mind. Brilliant.

  • Parking on Worsley Street, M3

    very good

  • Parking on New Bailey Street, M3

    Overall I was happy with the parking space despite giving it 4 stars. Of course it naturally depends on the allocated space however I will share my experience. In terms of accessibility, I found two occasions where I could not enter: due to ongoing construction two extremely long trucks decided to block both entry ways (Exit and Entry) to the car park. Fortunately the truck drivers were nearby to move. In addition the area has been filled with road construction increasing congestion significantly. However in terms of getting out it is generally fine. The second occasion was although the inital barrier raised the second gate did not: the communicator next to the fob scanner fortunately put me through to the caretaker who said to park outside in the meantime. In terms of positioning, I guess it depends which space you have but there are inconvenient pillars around to swirve through. It's not a major thing but it can get a few tries to get used to if you're next to the wall (which i was). Cleanliness was not good. As I leave my car for days on occasion, I always found dirt and dust all over it. At one point I wiped with tissue that ended up pure black. The floors had clumps of dust which had no doubt found its way to the car. In the end, I had to buy a car cover and that was very helpful. Although its open, I don't feel its very ventilated, I'm also sure the nearby construction does not help. There are the occasional drip marks but im not sure if it's on any of the spaces. Security however was excellent. My main downside was due to unforeseen circumstances which were not explained, my space had to be relinquished with 4 days notice. YourParkingSpace was very helpful in assisting me to find an alternative space and unfortunately there was nothing they could do about hygiene. I am still happy with their friendly staff.

  • Parking on Leftbanks Apartments, Spinningfields, M3

    Great service, simple and easy to use. YPS were very contactable when needed.

  • Parking on Clowes Street, M3

    Convenient space, in the middle of the city.