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London Stadium Parking

Latest London Stadium parking reviews
  • Parking on Bow Road, E3

    Very disappointed with this space. Although easy to find the space was terrible. Even though I took my smallest car an A class there was no way of getting it into the space. With cars parked opposite the space and either side there was no space to manoeuvre my car. The only way would have been to reverse in from the very busy main road. Even if I did miraculously get the car in without damaging my car, the two cars either side would not have been able to open their doors. I had to ditch the space and look for an alternative. Unless you have a motor bike I would advise you not use this space.

  • Parking on Rokeby St, E15

    All worked very well - good directions and a good space on a drive with a gate.

  • Parking on Rokeby St, E15

    Great place to park

  • Parking on Heylyn Square, E3

    Jay was very helpful, even calling to check we'd parked ok. Easy to find and no problems.

  • Parking on Merriam Avenue, E9

    Very happy with this parking space. Easy to find and near to where we wanted to get to . Would recommend this parking space

  • Parking on Stratford Car Park & Car Wash, E15

    You have asked for my comments so im going to be totally honest with you.Arrived and no one was there, the gate was shut with a chain wrapped round it,it was not locked.I phoned the number given and no answer,i got a call back saying park inside and leave the gate open and someone would come and close it.When we went back after game had finished the gate was locked and again no one was there,so agaain phoned the number,no answer ,then gat a call back saying he would be there in 5/10mins,30 mins later still no one.Luckily enough someone else from a building inside the yard had parked there car in there and was leaving to go home and let me out.TO this time now Monday 8pm i have still not had a call from Stratford Car Cleaning and parking,so if the gentleman had not let me out i would probably still have my truck parked inside.Location for Olympic Stadium,Great.Level of service and support very worrying

  • Parking on Heylyn Square, E3

    James was immensely helpful, phoning me on the night to make sure everything was okay and promising to be around if anything went wrong. In the event that was unnecessary: he gave clear directions and my car was perfectly safe until I picked it up the following morning. Excellent service, I would definitely use him again. If I had one criticism it is that the written instructions could be clearer but that is more than made up for by James' friendly and helpful manner.