Hackney Wick Parking

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  • Parking at Stratford Place, E20

    So easy to book and it worked so well, we left and returned several times without any problems. Really worth it

  • Parking at Stratford Place, E20

    Brilliant for parking,but did struggle to get out as the barrier didn’t lift as per instructions

  • Parking at Stratford Place, E20

    Parked in B car park. The barrier uses number plate recognition and lifted straight away. Arrived at 2.30pm on a Saturday. There weren't many spaces available, but we had pre booked so we new there would be one somewhere, it took about a 5 mins driving round to find a space. The car park looks quite secure. The parking areas are well marked, so we took a photo of the sign so it was easy to find our way back. On exit the barrier didn't lift and was asking for £16 for the 23 hours we had been there. We had already paid when we booked, so pressed the button for help. They asked if we had used "Your Paking Space" We confirmed this and the Barrier Lifted. Everything went smoothly except leaving , but not a big problem, so would recommend using again.

  • Parking at Stratford Place, E20

    This has become my regular parking spot when I head into London. It was rather busy this time and took a while to find a car park space but the ABBA event was on. Head to the M&S end to be near the tube station entrance. Doesn't always recognise your number plate when you arrive but a quick push of the help button and a chat to the people on duty sorts it out. Thanks very much!

  • Parking at Stratford Place, E20

    Safe and very convenient

  • Parking at Stratford Place, E20

    Parking excellent as always, only issue was exiting. Not entirely sure why the barrier didn’t lift and an attempt to charge £8 for my stay. But call through the help button sorted that out