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Latest Nottingham parking reviews
  • Parking on Queen's Rd, NG2

    great parking site, very easy access into Nottingham city centre and great value. highly recommended!

  • Parking on Longden Mill, NG3

    Cheap & close to the Motorpoint arena. The space was occupied when we arrived so we parked in one of the other spaces, tried calling the owner, left a voicemail and a note in the car. The owner rang just before the show started in the arena as the owner of the space we now occupied had contacted him. He assured us that there wouldn’t be a problem and there wasn’t, but it was a little worrying. More information on where the entrance is would be useful and beware, it’s very tight especially getting out so I think you would have to be a very confident (or brave) 4 x 4 driver to attempt this one!

  • Parking on Priory Road, NG2

    Fantastic. Great location for the City Ground. Very safe, very quiet, superb communication!

  • Parking on Queen's Rd, NG2

    Used this facility for the 1st time on Easter weekend. It worked very well and I would definitely use it again. I found it difficult entering via the gate as there isn’t a drive so the car is on the main road whilst you’re entering the code to open the gate. Same for exiting but otherwise no complaints!

  • Parking on Premier Apartments, Ice House, Belward Street, NG1

    Followed directions and easily found the car park. Unsure where to park so contacted the receptionist and who advised us our parking bays were between 35 and 51. Big bays so parked car easily. The car park is gated and very secure. The arena is less than a minute away, ideal no fuss and excellent service, will use again and will highly recommend.

  • Parking on Premier Apartments, Ice House, Belward Street, NG1

    Very happy with where the parking space was right next to the arena. Only reason I gave 4 stars is the confirmation email with the address & postcode when I put it in the sat Nav it directed us to the wrong location. We will use again

  • Parking on Queen's Rd, NG2

    Very happy. Everything went smooth from arrival to departure. Code worked, spaces available. Secure parking. Would definitely use again. Thank you.

  • Parking on Queen's Rd, NG2

    Was easy to find but upon arriving there was no attendant to unlock gate and allow entry, paid in advance to not be able to park car was not what i expected. Took the decision to look for another parking space and found an alternative one at the Embankment pub which cost £5 would not recommend this one to anybody.

  • Parking on Queen's Rd, NG2

    On the day it was great as one space left in the parking space bays. advised to use. . It wasn't clear however , given the information 'to use other bays if necessary ' whether a space in the advised bays was reserved? We ended up lucky and got a space but not sure I would use again give the uncertainty of a space being reserved in the given bays as there actually was no space in the alternative bays!

  • Parking on Queen's Rd, NG2

    First class process. Good directions and cost effective alternative parking when staying at the Jury's or Premiere.