Swindon Parking

Latest Swindon parking reviews
  • Parking on Wessex Court, SN1

    I worked in Regent Street for around a year and parked here. It’s a short walk to town, feels safe and is easy to access from where I live via Old Town.

  • Parking on Gladstone Street, SN1

    Very easy to find, big space. Only a 5 minute way to train station. Shame about the wood and bits of fruit here and there. Thank you!

  • Parking on Victoria Road, SN1

    It was very easy and simple to use. Felt like I was leaving the car in a secure place. I got slightly confused when I first pulled up as there was a traffic cone with a ‘no parking’ sign blocking the entrance, but I just had to move it out the way to bring the car in then put it back. I think there was also a party going on in the hotel car park while I was away - a bbq, outside bar and paddling pool were there when I came back with clear signs of a party having happened. Nothing had happened to my car though during the party fortunately. Probably best to park the car as far out of the way as possible just in case though.

  • Parking on , SN1

  • Parking on Curtis Street, SN1

    Once negotiated one way system to get to parking space, it was tucked out of the way and was large and clear. A very nice easy walk straight to train station from there which was brilliant. Thank you

  • Parking on Whitehead Street, SN1

    Tidy space, not too far down the rear lane. Lane is a little narrow - but the space is wide enough to park a VW Golf with a little too-ing & fro-ing.