Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum Parking

Latest Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum parking reviews
  • Parking on Irving St, B1

    Secure spot, easy to find

  • Parking on The Ladbrooke Hotel, B5

    Good value and lots of space, area a bit rough so use during daylight hours is safest

  • Parking on Bruntwood Centre City, Hinckley Street, B5

    Used this car park for a visit to the Birmingam Hippodrome and it couldn't have worked out better. 3min walk! Worth looking closely at entrance on Google maps.

  • Parking on Bruntwood Centre City, Hinckley Street, B5

    Very reasonably priced and literally 1 minute walk to New Street Station! Would definitely recommend, just got a bit lost finding our way back through the pin code pedestrian door, but got there eventually, just take note of where you exit from to get back in!

  • Parking on Bruntwood Centre City, Hinckley Street, B5

    Really good location. I had read the reviews before and found it much easier by putting the street name in as a review suggested. It's a one way street so you can slow right down as there are quite a few parking and entrances just look for the green sign on the wall. I was getting a train and this is seconds away from New Street Station. The only confusion I had was on return the pedestrian entrance isn't marked and there are a few coded doors. Soon figured it out. Would defo use again. Very secure easy access to the train station.

  • Parking on Liverpool Street, B9

    Really easy to find and to get in and out. Great location for the venue we needed. Will use again.

  • Parking on The Ladbrooke Hotel, B5

    Nice , quick and easy

  • Parking on Digbeth High Street, B5

    Easy to find but at the moment (May 2022) there are road closures so add 10mins onto the journey and ensure you have a satnav. Although the yellow diversion signs to Oxford road were helpful. There’s cctv next to the building so we parked within range of that. Excellent that we could just write out the reservation details rather than print, but I didn’t like the fact you needed to write your return date (just in case someone walking past could see you weren’t returning for a few days and wanted to chance a break in…) Just a thought

  • Parking on Bruntwood Centre City, Hinckley Street, B5

    This parking is a little gem