Merrion Centre Parking

Latest Merrion Centre parking reviews
  • Parking on West Street, LS1

    Easy access from ring road - need to ensure in before 9am I believe as parking gets limited.

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    I left my car in Merrion Centre car Park to go and see Boe and Ball at the Leeds Arena. Good plan I thought. Well it was except, having never been to the 'Arena before, I severely underestimated the traffic chaos around the venue - both before and after the event i.e. 1. They close Claypit Lane in both directions; 2. Coaches and taxis try to get as close to the venue as possible creating more chaos; 3. Especially taxis which try to drop clients off on Merrion way - which is one way in from Wade Lane - and prevents cars accessing the Merrion Centre car park. All that said the system really works. Staff are both helpful and courteous. On leaving the car park we were late on our departure time - due to the volume of traffic trying to exit, plus the taxis now picking up on Merrion Way blocking the exit - but staff again saw the ANPR come up and just waived us straight out. We would definitely use the system again but not for a night at the Arena. We would chosse one of the other Leeds car parks and have a bit of a walk -which would be nice after sitting for the best part of two and three quarter hours. Real Value for Money and Definitely Recommended!!

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Had an initial problem on entering the car park, a ticket was not issued as per the instructions. The car park staff let me in and I then had to go down to the office to sort it. On leaving the staff had been informed and I left without delay. There were plenty of spaces and very convinient for the Arena.

  • Parking on Neville St, LS1

    Tight corners & small spaces but central & reasonably priced

  • Parking on Merrion Centre, LS2

    Really pleased with how easy it was to park, would definitely book again via the website

  • Parking on Leeds Dock, LS10

    Easy to book, note that you don't get a ticket as stated, the barriers open automatically on entry and exit.