The Mazuma Stadium Parking

Latest The Mazuma Stadium parking reviews
  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    Yes, would recommend. Easy to find and very convenient.

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    This is the first time I've used this website, and will definitely be using again. We parked on Morrison's Morecambe it couldn't have been easier. Plenty of spaces and hassle free for three days. Would definitely recommend.

  • Parking on Sainsbury's Morecambe, LA4

    We used the space to leave a van parked for three days as this was the starting point for the way of the roses cycle trip. Very good car park with easy access and no problem to park a small transit van. Came back to find no problems with the van.

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    Easy to park-LOT cheaper than parking at Heysham Ferry Terminal, drove away afterwards with no hassle at all. Well recommended!!

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    Convenient for the town and the seafront.

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    I was wary about leaving the vehicle without anything displayed or without reporting it to Morrisons parking attendant but there was no need to be! A simple, easy and hassle free experience and I would certainly use this and other car parking in this scheme again!

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    Good picnic spot. Fabulous sea views.

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    Great location with a short walk to the beach or shops. I’ll be using it again next time.

  • Parking on Hilmore Way, LA4

    Everything went as it should have, no problems and car parked safely. Great value for money compared to other sites. Thank you