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Brunton Park Parking

Latest Brunton Park parking reviews
  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    The parking area wasnt easy to find but we had been warned to use our sat nav. There were plenty of spaces and it was right beside the train station. The saving on paying at the machine on the day were brilliant. Would definitely use again .

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    All went according to expectations, although as all the spaces were occupied when I returned I would have struggled to get out of the parking space had I had anything bigger than my Ford Fiesta. I will use again, but would park in a different space (should I have a choice when I arrive!) now I know the layout of the car park.

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    good value for money

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    Very close to the station and at a very good price, but fairly small spaces (I got my qashqai in) and not easy to find. Leave yourself some time to catch your train if it’s your first visit.

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    quite small but bet convenient

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    The car park belongs to the Hallmark Hotel and they asked that we leave our reg. no. with them, even though the booking instructions said it was not necessary. It is a central place to park, useful for the railway station and the bus station and the centre of town.

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    The space was great and absolutely fabulously close to Rail Station. Only thing I would highlight that the spaces are within Hallmark Hotel car park. Although this was mentioned within the details, I and my 12 year old daughter totally missed this when trying to find Court Square. To someone "out of town" it was an added complication - particularly as there there are five car parks on this road. However - now I know, would most certainly use again.

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    Great parking if your going away for a while in the train. At a great price. Thank you.

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    I don’t belong to Carlisle, but having visited frequently, I knew where Court Square was, so it was easy to find, but I imagine as long as you have a Satnav or similar you will be fine. The closeness to where I wanted to be was fantastic and the cost of parking was amazing! I will definitely use you again if all your other parking spaces are as good as this! Thank you.

  • Parking on Court Square, CA1

    Seems safe and very near station. A bit tricky to get to and as space was just about full a bit tight for manoeuvring my small car. However positives win and will Definitely use again.