Latest Liverpool parking reviews
  • Parking on Southferry Quay, L3

    Really pleased parked my van and no incident, would use again

  • Parking on Cleveland Square, L1

    Arrived to find no parking space available and unable to contact the provider, had to find an alternative arrangement and so very frustrating and totally dissatisfied

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    On exit from parking the attendant was unable to find any trace of my booking and had to attend my car to confirm that I had a confirmation of my booking. The whole procedure was a mess and beside delaying me for several minutes it also delayed a vehicle behind me waiting to leave. The service was unacceptable and I will not be using your parking facility again.

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    easy access and big spaces

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    Great car park with plenty of spaces, it's secure and clean. Had no problems getting in but getting out was a little tricky. We spoke to the guy in the office and he wanted a confirmation number starting with a B and that had 7 numbers but our booking didn't have any such reference. After some discussion he said that he would let us out. Apart from this it's a great place to park and centrally located for the city centre.

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    Well located modern clean multi stori car park if you are looking to leave the car for the period you booked however I wanted to go out and about the area and regrettably if you go out you loose your space . Not suitable for my purpose so ended up having to pay for taxis daily.

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    Very happy. First time we'd used this service, and everything went smoothly. City centre parking for just 4.40/ day! Will certainly consider using this service again when we next decide to have a city break in the UK.

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    Very secure, easy entry & exit, great location and a bargain price

  • Parking on Brampton Drive, L8

    Within easy walking distance. To uni. No problems.

  • Parking on Heathfield Street, L1

    I was really happy with this service with only a couple of minor gripes to mention. Firstly, to buy parking for a day in Liverpool for £5 was amazing value for money and the car park I used was easy to find, easy to park and very secure from the look of it. The gripes though are as follows: You enter through the main shutter gate and you have to take a ticket to get in through the second barrier, yet this is not mentioned anywhere on the listing so don't be worried, just grab the bar code ticket and put it in your purse as you will need it later. We ended up on level 11 but the parking spaces are massive and there is loads of room. There is also a lift in one corner but this is not signposted very well so we ended up walking down the stairs and when we got to the main lobby we saw the lift lol. Coming back in, we needed the barcoded ticket we got on entry as that is your way in through the doors and when in, you simply get in the now found lift, and go to your floor. You drive down to the inner barrier and press the intercom and speak to a VERY VERY QUIET voice at the other end who you have to try and explain over the echo of your engine, that you have a pre-booked parking space. Just tell them your reg number and who you booked with and they do let you out. As I said, 2 small gripes but they are really important details that you need to get in and out. The site says just drive up to the gate and they will let you out, but there is that other inner barrier in your way so as I said, don't forget to grab that bar coded ticket and keep it on you. Overall though a smashing service that I will gladly use again and again!