Southampton Solent University Parking

Latest Southampton Solent University parking reviews
  • Parking on Hill Street, SO19

    Good parking space no issues in a cul-de-sac and off a quiet road so car felt very secure. The only issue is distance to our destination which was St Mary's Stadium, it was advertised as a 15 min walk well it was a 25 min brisk walk and should really be advertised as 30 mins. Communication was not forthcoming from landlord regarding space marking without prompting from yourparkingspace, information was crucial as there were a number of empty spaces and a mistake could have been made.

  • Parking on Sandhurst Road, SO15

    Very handy and secure parking spot. Well managed and easy to access. YourParkingSpace was really useful in finding me a good local parking location that I would never have found another way.

  • Parking on Richmond Gardens, SO17

    Worked out really well with no issues.

  • Parking on Onslow Road, SO14

    Very easy way to guarantee hassle free parking. No complaints whatsoever.

  • Parking on Morris Road, SO15

    It was very easy to book and find this parking space which is very close to the centre of town, but it is VERY small. Do not book this space if you have anything bigger than a Fiesta or similar small car. I borrowed my wife's Hyundai i20 as one of the reviewers said that any big car would hang over the pavement. There is no ramp so you have to drive up the footpath curb and then you have to drive your front wheel up another kerb on the owner's driveway if you don't want your car to hang over the public footpath. When you do this your car is very nearly shutting off any access to the owner's front door which is also slightly worrying. When I returned to the car in the evening the owner had parked his BMW on the space and his car was hanging over the footpath by at least 2 foot. There were plenty of emails from YourParkingSpace reminding me of the booking. The only problem is that the space is VERY small.

  • Parking on Onslow Road, SO14

    Love car park plenty of space and easy to find will deffianlty be using again in fact i have already booked again would highly recommend to all made my trip to the vets stress free as I didn't have to worry about trying to find somewhere to park and wasn't very far to walk at all

  • Parking on Onslow Road, SO14

    Easily found car park with spaces ok. Easy booking on line and good information given.

  • Parking on Onslow Road, SO14

    Easy to get to and plenty of spaces, however, as it was a pay and display car park that anyone could drive into and no attendant about, what would I have done if there were no spaces?

  • Parking on Hill Street, SO19

    Arrived at the appointed address and called the owner. Found that there was already a car parked in the space I had reserved - he said that he was not at home.