Latest Harpenden Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Renshaw Close, LU2

    Recommended parking spot. Perfect communication. No probs.

  • Parking on Renshaw Close, LU2

    Very friendly and avaliable by text to help as needed. Very near to the airport, we got abit confused as to which bus to get despite detailed directions, but a lady at the bus stop helped us and we were there very quickly.

  • Parking on Renshaw Close, LU2

    very helpful. The parking spot is in a residential area, very quiet and safe. Left my car there for 4 days and no problems whatsoever

  • Parking on Buckingham Drive, LU2

    Easy to find and park. 25min walk from the airport. Convenient and affordable parking space. Thank you.

  • Parking on Buckingham Drive, LU2

    The parking space was perfect, quite close to the airport and the lady was extremely helpful with us when we got a flat tyre. Photos were accurate to what was offered and everything went smoothly.

  • Parking on Renshaw Close, LU2

    Excellent service!

  • Garage on Dragon Road, AL10

    The condition, location and security of the garage were good. Arrangements with Your Parking Space and the landlord were also good. However I had regular problems with cars parking in front of my garage door making it impossible to access or exit the garage with my car. I put notices on the garage door but this had little or no impact and I had to knock at houses local to the garages to try to find the car owner. This happened with a number of different cars.

  • Parking on Wellington Street , LU1

    Very safe and good space next to Town center.. Also great price

  • Parking on Renshaw Close, LU2

    When I came to park my car , Martin was already there waiting for us and gave us lift to shuttle bus. It is very close to the airport. Very cheap compared to other places and very friendly and good customer service. I highly recommend.

  • Parking on Buckingham Drive, LU2

    I surly would recommend yps they were cheap very effecient i got a space 2 mins drive from thè airport the lady i was dealing with was just brillant Aasha was her name .i most certainly will use YPS again.