Milton Keynes Central Station Parking

Latest Milton Keynes Central Station parking reviews
  • Parking on Saxon Gate West, MK9

    As a first time user I found this service very easy to use, good value for money and convenient. I will be using it again the next time I plan to go into a town centre and need to park the car.

  • Parking on Avebury Boulevard, MK9

    Easy to book with app cheaper than others nearby 4hrs for £2 (others £5 or even £10) Directions stopped about 100m from entrance and there were several car parks so I was not clear which of the spaces I could park in. The supplied photo would have shown me but I didn't see it on my phone until afterwards. This is only my 2nd time using the app . I will use this app from now on.

  • Parking on Hugh Parke Close, MK5

    The parking space is very close to the station, convenient walk. And the owner is very responsive. Would recommend this spot.

  • Parking on Elder Gate, MK9

    There were lots spaces the times I arrived over the 3 days I parked there. You really can't beat the price and it's literally about 5 mins walk to the train station if you take the short route as described by a very helpful reviewer( Thank you!). I parked in the basement carpark very close to the exit/entry point for cars. Follow the steps below to get to the train station: Walk out of the carpark using the same exit/entry point for cars (you should be able to see trains/tracks across the road). Turn right immediately you exit the carpark and use the sidewalk close to the buildings on your right. At Planet Ice, do not turn right, walk across their carpark until you see a parking ticket payment machine then turn right. ( You should see some construction going on across the road- looks like additional parking). Go up a tiny hill (less than 10 Steps), cross the road to your left, then walk across a carpark (The construction should now be on your left and very close to you (Note: it looks like the pedestrian path is closed but it isn't) Walk past the bush/tree(not sure what it's called), you should now see a restaurant to your left in what looks like an uderpass. Go through the underpass and carry on walking ahead and the train station should be visible ahead to your left. I hope this helps someone.

  • Parking on Elder Gate, MK9

    Parking environment excellent . Allow at least ten minutes to walk from the car park to the station . Post code / sat nav - not so good .. Overall I will definitely use again .

  • Parking on Foxley Place, MK5

    Only a 10 min level walk to MK station in a quiet cul-de-sac. House numbers not easy to see (they're on the post boxes by the front door), but a good value parking spot.

  • Parking on Foxley Place, MK5

    Did not meet the owners but did telephone the contact number on three occasions as the train journey from Wolverhampton to Milton Keynes from delayed. No one answered so I left voice messages but nobody bothered to return the call. Parking space easy to find and it was in a relative secure cul de sac. Would recommend.